As we bid adieu to 2016 — or, more appropriately,¬†don’t let the door hit you on the way out, 2016 — I’ve been thinking about friends who’ve had it particularly hard this year.¬†If you know anyone who’s had a rough go of it too, then you might like this idea we’ve¬†had to send notes of well wishes and a little good luck charm for a better 2017.

I first got inspired to do this when I spotted these wooden good luck charms at Areaware. These little desk toys are¬†what I’m going to add¬†when I want to send just¬†a bit more than a “thinking of you” card to someone who needs the boost.

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Tell someone you're wishing them a lucky break in 2017 with this good luck charm at Areaware.

Tell someone you're thinking of them in the new year with this sweet wooden feather good luck charm at Areaware.

All three¬†decorative items are all symbols of good luck. The clover represents prosperity;¬†the wishbone is a playful way to tell someone you’re hoping they’ll get their¬†“lucky break;” and my favorite, the feather, is believed to be a blessing and symbol of thoughtfulness. And if there’s one thing I really appreciate when times are tough, it’s the thoughts and kind words of friends.

You can find the three wooden good luck charms from Areaware in a bundle at their site, or  purchase them individually.