My kids love berries. In fact, their aunt nicknamed them “my little fruit bats” because they love berries in their lunches, on their desserts, and yes, with their breakfast. So of course we were all thrilled to have the opportunity to help introduce our sponsor Very Berry Cheerios to you. Because, berries!

Let’s just say that the one you can get in your supermarket is a waaaay better option than letting your kids attempt to make their own formulation, like my two daughters did when I let them go to town in my kitchen.

(And yes, they had to help me clean up afterward.)

Also, a garlic press? Don’t ask.

Even though our attempt at making our own DIY Very Berry Cheerios didn’t work out well, the real Very Berry Cheerios were a big, delicious win for my kids. And, for me.

Hey, you saw my kitchen.

Thanks to our sponsor Very Berry Cheerios for making it way easier (and cleaner) for our kids to get the taste of real berries in every single bite. No blender required. #BerriesEverywhere

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