Today marks an important date on the Google cals of Star Wars fans everywhere. Yep, it’s May the 4th, which means social media feeds packed with posts about #StarWarsDay and coworkers dressed as Jabba the Hutt (we hope so, anyway). But we think there’s another cool way to mark this important date, especially if you’ve got a little Padawan at home: making glow-in-the-dark Star Wars slime.

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Little Bins for Little Hands is a veritable go-to DIY slime source — seriously, if it’s slippery, slimy, and utterly cool, you can find a recipe for it here — and Sarah’s glow-in-the-dark Star Wars slime is the one we really want to try next. Because, really, how cool is this?

Click over for her easy recipe and pro tips, and how she makes the slime glow. Because that’s what the light side of the Fourth is all about.