The other night, at my annual apartment building Christmas party — that’s the NYC version of a block party, by the way — a neighbor asked, “so who here gets Chinese food and sees a movie on Christmas?”

Basically, everyone raised a hand.

So here I am, dying laughing over the hand-poured Jewish Christmas candle from Homesick Candles, which are designed to smell like buttered popcorn at top — followed by the scent of dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

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Since they burn for 60-80 hours, I imagine it will take almost as long to get to the Chinese food smell as a real wait for Chinese food on Christmas in New York. How about that.

Find the Jewish Christmas scented candle from Homesick Candles which are now on sale, making it totally worth it to pay for expedited shipping in time for Christmas. And see you next week, friends at Fortune House restaurant.

Thanks for the tip, Dara!