14 Cool DIY Gift Ideas for a Homemade Holiday. Show-Off.


Homemade gifts: diy photo tile coasters

For those of you crafty crafters out there who love homemade gifts–or just the wannabes–we’ve tracked down some fabulous tutorials for DIY holiday gifts that you really can do. Because as much as we love Pinterest, we don’t love Pinterest Guilt. In other words, you won’t find any hand-crocheted blankets in the shape of your home state, or instructions for hand-whittled salvaged birchwood cake stands.  (Is that even a thing?) On the other hand, no preschool craft projects either. Just awesome handmade gifts. Happy making!


diy photo tile coasters

(tutorial at Pop Sugar)
Ooh, we can think of about a zillion relatives who would love a set of these. If not your kids, try photos of your pet, your home, your favorite flowers.

Homemade gifts: diy lavender-oatmeal bath soak

diy lavender-oatmeal bath soak

(tutorial at The Every Girl)
Package in simple muslin bags, or put a bigger batch in a pretty sealed jar.

Homemade gifts: diy instagram picture frame

diy instagram picture frame

(tutorial at Michael’s)
The best part: You don’t have to add 50 hashtags.

Homemade gifts: diy glitter glass ornaments

diy glitter glass ornaments

(tutorial at Hello Natural)
What a smart, simple DIY gift that’s perfect for Christmas.

Homemade gifts: DIY Christmas napkins or tea towel from Say Yes

diy christmas napkins or tea towel

(tutorial via Say Yes blog)
An iron-on project that turns a basic napkin or tea towel into something a little more magical.

Homemade gifts: handmade cookbook of family recipes

handmade cookbook of family recipes

(this one from blurb books, starting at $12.99)
Blurb has so many options on site–take a look, and see what inspires you.

Homemade gifts: diy morse code bracelets

diy morse code bracelets

(tutorial at Honestly WTF)
Really cool way to remind the kids you love them, without a big I LOVE YOU, KIDS charm.

Homemade gifts: printable holiday candle wraps

printable holiday candle wraps

($5 download including printable wraps, tags and more at Studio 120 Underground)
We’ll be honest–we’re never going to make our own candles. But these sweet wraps turn basic white candles into a thoughtful, semi homemade gift.

Homemade gifts: diy map votive

diy map votive

(tutorial at Pop Sugar)
Pick a place with special meaning–or better, use it to present plane tickets to somewhere awesome.

Homemade gifts: diy lip balm kit

diy lip balm kit

($34.95 at Williams-Sonoma)
We know our kids would have so much fun making gifts for all their friends. If they didn’t take them all themselves.

Homemade gifts: diy hair elastic set in a vintage case

diy hair elastic set in a vintage case

(tutorial on minted blog)
We see these everywhere and turns out they’re so easy to make! Cool gift for nieces and granddaughters.


Homemade gifts: diy studded leather key ring

diy studded leather key ring

(tutorial at a pair & a spare)
Okay so this one is a little more intermediate, but if you can find the supplies, wow, what a cool DIY gift.

Homemade gifts: diy aromatherapy bath salts

diy aromatherapy bath salts

(tutorial at hello natural)
After the holidays are over, we know plenty of people who could use this.

Homemade gifts: diy anatomical heart cross stitch

diy anatomical heart cross stitch

($9.99 kit at Alicia Watkins)
Sentimental. Only, not.


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