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Whatever you’re thinking about doing, we’ve put together the most helpful articles, resources and info to help make your choice an informed one.

Spring cleaning? We compared the top 6 online consignment and resale shops.

Ready to make some room in your closet and maybe make a little cash while you’re at it? We put together a thorough comparison of the top consignment sites online from The Real Real to Poshmark to thredUp.

Which pays the highest commissions? Which accepts only the best quality stuff? Which isn’t really worth your time at all? Read on for all the details.

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Are you following our weekly meal plans? They're awesome. (If we do say so ourselves.)

Save time, save money, and make life a whole lot easier — and more delicious — with the Cool Mom Eats editors’ weekly meal plan posts.

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The ultimate Chrismukkah gift: Found it!

The other night, at my annual apartment building Christmas party -- that's the NYC version of a block party, by the way -- a neighbor asked, "so who here gets Chinese food and sees a movie on Christmas?" Basically, everyone raised a hand. So here I am, dying laughing...

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