Everybody farts

Bubble Homes and Fish Farts kids' bookWe made a trip to the emergency room recently with the wee one (everything is fine).  She was scared, we were scared, and only maudlin humor would do. Fortunately, we had along Fiona Bayrock’s Bubble Homes and Fish Farts, an entire nonfiction children’s book about bubbles and their extreme usefulness to marine creatures. 

Illustrated by the talented Carolyn Conahan, this highly educational book finally explained to me how sea otters stay warm (bubbles) and how herrings talk (farting bubbles!).

Are farts funny? Totally. Are farts funny to kids? Without a doubt. Did our extreme fit of giggles let all three of us forget for a few moments that we were in the ER? Thank goodness, yes. -Rita

Find the nonfiction children’s book, Bubble Homes and Fish Farts at Amazon.com starting today!

Rita Arens is the blogger of Surrender Dorothy, Deputy Editor for Blogher.com, the force behind the parenting anthology "Sleep is for the Weak," and a former Cool Mom Picks contributor.

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