Paper Origami Mobile
I love the idea of decorating your baby’s nursery like it’s a real room and not a clearinghouse for fluffy lambs and bright colored safari animals. Not that I don’t love baby decor, but in this economy, when you’re trying to get the most of the room for a baby that who quickly become a toddler and eventually a kid, why not decorate your child’s room to grow with your child?

So instead of the typical wind-up baby mobile playing the tinny, robotic music, we love this gorgeous one-of-a-kind origami mobile from Roundhouse Designs. Using dainty bamboo sticks, wooden beads, and five matching paper cranes, it’s a beautiful artistic touch for your baby’s room. Or hang it overhead to help keep him distracted in the crib — or better, heavily entranced in a sleeplike state. Well, at least one can hope. -Kristen

You’ll find a slew of lovely paper origami mobiles and wall decor at Roundhouse Designs. And for more baby gifts, check out our ultimate baby shower gift guide.