Ippinka: the shopping site for the minimalist crowd

I know these days it feels like there’s a new shopping site born every minute. But there’s one I’ve just discovered that’s fast becoming an obsession for me, because the products are so sharp, stylish and imaginative.

Norm glass teapot from Ippinka on Cool Mom Picks

The site is Ippinka, and they sell only products that adhere to their four principles of good design: functional, well-made, minimalist, and environmentally- and socially conscious.  Love when someone else does all the research for me.

Now one huge caveat (and pet peeve) is that you have to register to be able to see the products–though I think I got around that when I checked the site on my iPhone. Worth a shot? In the case of Ippinka, though, everything is so cool, it’s totally worth the five seconds to register.

Binchotan charcoal cloths from Ippinka on Cool Mom Picks

I love the Norm Glass Kettle Teapot (at top). The glass kettle with a retractable tea infuser would be a perfect gift for a teacher or your favorite tea lover. I also adore the Binchotan Charcoal Dishcloths, which are infused with Japanese Oak charcoal that just happens to be naturally anti-microbial.

On the more practical side, the Q Knot Reusable Zip Ties would see a lot of action at my house.


Q Knot reusable zip ties on Cool Mom Picks

As you can tell, the site is definitely heavy on housewares right now, but there’s also some beauty care and it looks there’s more fashion and accessories to come. However like all flash sale sites, you have to move fast with items on Ippinka, since they’re only on the site for a week or two. So if you see something you have to have, grab it before some other forward-thinking minimalist does.  –Stephanie S.

Here’s some added fun: If you want to have a say on what they sell next, Ippinka invites you to vote on products for your favorites. And if you comment on a product you like, you’ll get a $10 credit if they end up choosing it.


Stephanie S.

Stephanie Slate is an Ontario-based writer, crunchy mom, and celebrity stroller expert. And no, she does not say "eh."


  • Reply March 24, 2013


    Seriously? Ippinka demands that customers register to just look at their stuff. That is just RUDE.

    I would have been a fan but I don’t do well with demands. I suspect I am not the only potential customer they will lose because of this.

  • Reply June 10, 2013

    Jerry Chang

    Hi Anna!

    This is Jerry – I am the founder of IPPINKA. First, I want to apologize for responding to this comment so late.

    Second, I wanted to clarify our sign up process so you have an idea of what we are about. Please be assured we do not demand anything from our visitors. Our philosophy is that if you like our stuff, we’d welcome you to sign up and stay in touch with us – but you can always unsubscribe from us anytime.

    If you don’t think signing up is for you, that’s okay, too! You can keep checking out our blog posts and learn about our design ethos as those pages are open to non-members as well.

    The reason we have implemented the sign up mechanism is because we want to stay in touch with our new visitors. Since we are a young website, we have found this to be an effective way of engaging with our audience. As our site ages and people are able to find us on Google and other natural means, we will be looking to remove this sign up requirement.

    Finally, I really appreciate your feedback, as it helps us learn how to engage with our audience in a healthier way.



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