Gifts for type geeks who have been known to have fights with strangers online about comic sans

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Holiday gifts for type geeks: Bold/italic pillow

Okay we may or may not be referencing ourselves in this headline. But we’ve been on the record as having some minor comic sans issues, perhaps related to some traumatic incident related to its misuse in a Microsoft Windows ’95 document In any case, we love typography and appreciate those who master it so beautifully. So with that, we’re happy to present some really fun gifts for type geeks, font nerds, graphic designers, or former typesetters in your life.

All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff, there is no compensation in exchange for picks. CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate. Discount codes expire 12/31/15.


Bold/italic pillow

Words to live by. ($20 at Society6)


Holiday gifts for type geeks: Statement necklace

Statement necklace

You know we can never resist a good pun. Especially one so pretty. ($65 at Fair Goods)

15% off all orders using the code Coolmom2015 


Holiday gifts for type geeks: Ampersand bottle opener

Ampersand bottle opener

It almost seems as if it’s urging you to open another bottle of wine. ($12 at SF MoMA store)

Holiday gifts for type geeks: Arne Jacobson tea towel set

Arne Jacobson tea towel set

In a world of silkscreened country motifs, it’s nice to bring a little modernism into the kitchen. ($26 at the MoMA store, $23.40 for members)


Type Trumps card game: Great gifts for typography geeks | Cool Mom Picks

Type Trumps Card Game

Adult game night, anyone? (£9.99, Type Trumps)


ModernPOP Helvetica ABC alphabet poster | Cool Mom Picks

Helvetica alphabet poster

A great way to start your child out with an excellent sense of color and design. But then, we adults love it too. ($25, ModernPop)


Holiday gifts for type geeks: Not Actually Type t-shirt

Not Actually Type t-shirt

Look closely…there you go. ($29 at Fair Goods)

15% off with code Coolmom2015

Holiday gifts for type geeks: Type mugs

Typography mugs

Choose from Bauhaus or Helvetica. Sorry, no Hobo or Papyrus. ($18 at the MoMA store, $16.20 for members)

Gifts for type geeks: The Typography Coloring Book | Cool Mom Picks holiday gift guide

The Typography Colouring Book

Think of it as an easy way to design your own typeface of sorts. Go ahead, name it after yourself too.  ($11.79, Amazon)


Holiday gifts for type geeks: Romeo and Juliet OMG tote

Romeo and Juliet OMG tote

Now that’s how you play with type.($24 at Obvious State)

25% off all orders using the code CMP25


David Carson: The End of Print 2nd ed: Great gifts for type geeks

The End of Print: The Grafik Design of David Carson, 2nd ed

For those of you who miss the days that we couldn’t actually read a thing on the page, and we liked it that way. ($45 at Amazon)