I’ve always liked the idea of an alphabet or first initial print for a baby’s room, but a lot of them are so easily outgrown. Not so with these gorgeous modern letter prints on sale at Fab this week, but found at the artist’s shop when the flash sale is over.

LA designer Ryan Beshara of ModernPOP takes inspiration from mid-century design and modern Bauhaus. But your children don’t need to know that; just that the colors are fun and hey! That’s an E for Ella!

You can get a few and spell out your kid’s name, a single initial, or get creative.

Alphabet Prints by ModernPOP | Cool Mom Picks

There’s also a complete helvetica alphabet poster that’s absolutely wonderful.

ModernPOP Helvetica ABC alphabet poster | Cool Mom Picks

If you’re really lucky, your initial of choice will work with your decor. Or maybe it just gives you some new color palette ideas.

Buy the Alphabet Prints from ModernPOP at the ModernPOP Etsy shop where you’ll find some other really awesome alphabet posters.