Bagsbybabycakes_1 Before you turn away in utter disgust from overexposure to the dreaded and bejeweled "Elvis-Marilyn-Audrey" bags, I have to say that these bags are tres sassy. The various designs are fabulous, as are the quality of the photos. I carry my bigasstote everywhere, and while I know that I live in the DEEP SOUTH where all things cheezy and gaudy are deeply appreciated, I get asked at least three times a week where I got my bag and not just by the crazyass Southern bizatches. They are bit expensivo, but they are extremely well-made and feature your greatest creation – so how can you go wrong? A bonus, if you know a "professional photographer" of sorts, then you can get them at a decent discount. You know you want one and you should because they are cool-as-shit. Click here to get some of this sugar.