Malia_differences_pic If you’re like me, childbirth left you with a sorry excuse for a tummy and a profound fear of garments ending in the suffix -ini.
Praise be Malia Mills, perhaps the only swimwear designer who recognizes we aren‚Äôt all built like coke-snorting cover girls. The company was launched in 1992 with the mission of inspiring women to feel fabulous about their individual beauty, and so far, they’re doing a pretty good job of it.
The suits themselves are simple, stylish, and flattering on women of all different shapes. And to prove it, their website features real women (I know!) modeling the swimwear, untoned triceps and all. While the company does offer a few maillots and tankinis, their specialty is mix and match bikinis in sizes from 2 to 16, and bra cups up to 38DD.
To be clear, these suits are not cheap. But I can personally guarantee they’re worth every penny; I’ve been cramming my own oversized jiggly bits in the same Malia Mills suit for years now. –Liz