If you were anything like me, you made a mildly concerted effort to keep track of your newborn’s daily habits. However, the 10,000 yellow post-its and leftover composition book from English 101 just didn’t cut it. Between your aching nether regions and jello brain, keeping track of all things baby fell to the bottom of a very long list. The truth of the matter is, however, that if we were able to keep track of everything, we probably would feel a little better and our lists wouldn’t be as long.
Well, it seems the folks at Babydaze have felt our pain and created a very handy logbook that even the most disorganized parents can easily use to track feedings, diaperings, and milestones, just to name a few. It’s small, simple, and most importantly, allows you to erase one thing off the mommy-guilt list when your sitter, friends, or family ask you what little junior has been up to these days.
And if you have made it through the FOG of early motherhood, do someone else a favor and instead of purchasing a highly overrated 12-piece layette set and winnie-the-pooh binky, hand them this little treat. While it may not get the shower-guest oodles and drools, you can pretty much bet you’ll be getting a well-planned and dutifully-logged phone call of thanks soon enough. –Kristen
Use the code COOLMOMS06 for $2 off each book, up to 3 books. You’ll get 15% off orders of 4-8 books (in case you’ve got a lot of showers coming up).
[via Paula S]


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