There’s nothing like a crazy day of nursing and sleeping to tire out even the busiest babies. Nothing feels better than tearing off that tight, dirty onesie and slipping on something way more comfortable – say a Lounge Set by Janel and Amy at Abe Jones. These 100% cotton long sleeved shirts accompanied by a pair of wide legged karate pants are the perfect after-work attire. Each set is embellished with an understated hand sewn patch from choices like bugsy, litebrite, and quiet time. And at $34, it’s the perfect little ensemble for laying around in a bouncy seat on a Saturday afternoon, or sucking down mashed sweet potatoes and pear juice after a long hard day in the jumperoo.
Get the lounge set for a special price of $27 for the next two weeks! Make sure to mention CMP.
~ Kristen
Thanks to Dutch for telling us about Abe Jones. If you have a cool mom pick, please email it to

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