Snacksack I think we spent more time standing in front of the stroller selection at our local Baby Superstore than we did trying to conceive the little creature.This stroller didn’t have a cup holder for Mom.That stroller didn’t have a big enough cargo space. Standing before the strollers of 2002 I realized my stroller couldn’t have it all, but the one thing I wasn’t going to budge on was a tray for the kid. I viewed the tray as my ticket to a few moments shopping peace. Slap a smoothie and some Cheerios on that sucker and it could buy me some serious shoe shopping time!

I ended up receiving a wonderful, lightweight stroller from a relative who had the best intentions, but didn’t realize the importance of the tray. As my baby grew and started eating her weight in Cheerios, we would walk beside the stroller holding a plastic baggie full of the dandy little treats. If only the Stroller Snack Sack had been around!

The fully lined, washable Snack Sacks are great for carrying all kinds of snacks and can even hold a sippy cup, too. I‚Äôd even buy two, one for the stroller and one for the nasty grocery store cart. –~ Lisa
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