I have toddler headwear envy. I love my little baldy girl, but the only barrette I’ll be able to keep on her head is the one I drew on there. And headbands stay on for about 2.76 seconds – on a good day. But, my daughter’s head is uncovered no more thanks to Baby Cappelli hats.
Constructed of soft cotton and accented with a chic flower, these cute head-toppers are perfect for Easter – or any other time of year, for that matter. Jamie has created a variety of styles for babies, toddlers, and little girls, all of which are incredibly sweet and extremely comfortable. My daughter kept hers on for an hour, in our lovely 79 degree weather, and had not a drip of sweat on any of her 10 little hairs.
And seriously, how many times after Easter will she wear her "special-sunday" hat? Might as well get something that she can wear dressed-up or down and that’s functional and cute to boot, regardless of the number of hairs on her head. –Kristen
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