Being the big tall girl that I am, I tend to gravitate towards clunky heels and big bags. However, when it comes to men (height people, HEIGHT) and jewelry, I’m a sucker for small and fabulous. So, I’ve set aside a little bit of my surprisingly large tax refund for a couple beautiful handmade pieces at Small Things Designs.
Teresa makes each and every piece by hand – no molds and no mass production here. Using a steady hand and a jeweler’s saw, she
creates truly one-of-a-kind necklaces, rings, and earrings. I imagine you could spend half as much and get a mass produced something-or-other that everyone will be sporting this season, OR you could spend a little extra (and surprisingly NOT that much for what you are getting) and buy a timeless piece that no one (or almost no one) will have.
Whoever said good things come in small packages is absolutely right (at least in this case). ~ Kristen


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