I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been living in Mississippi too long (the pizazz capital of the world), or if I’m really a 3-year-old trapped in a woman’s body – but in either case, I heart glitter. However, as a new mama and a domestic engineer, I realize that it can be kind of annoying, even for a champion swiffer-er. But not when you do it like Daria over at Glamscience.
These handmade baby and toddler shirts feature a combo of original art and high quality glitter – you know, the kind that doesn’t go everywhere and is actually machine washable. I love the subtle designs mixed with the bright shimmer, especially my personal favorite – the owl (isn’t it a hoot?). And don’t think glitter is just for the girls.The zooming rocket ship looks 10 times faster and cooler with that little bit of extra zing.
So, instead of grabbing your typical bla-bla onesie for your friend’s new arrival (or even your own), why not pick out a cute Glamscience set (hats too!)? We all knew glam was just as much a science as an art. Now someone finally did something about it. Oh yeah. -Kristen
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Tags: baby clothes

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