As a military family, we do our best to keep everyone posted on the goings on of the first

grandchild. But, let’s face it, I can barely keep track of my own relatives, let alone my husband’s huge family. And, while we try to send dvds and get our daughter to talk on the phone to "DeeDee and Poppop," we still get the guilt ridden comments about how they don’t think she knows who they are anymore.
So, that’s why I’m thinking about signing up for Amiglia, a family tree and photo album website that helps you keep track of your family. Amongst its numerous features, you can share photos (including old family photos), keep a record of upcoming birthdays and special events, and create an interactive family tree. One of my faves is the kids game called "Who’s That" in which family members can record sound bites to go with their pictures; kids can then guess who’s in the picture by listening to the recording (or vice versa).
It’s a great way to stay connected and to insure that you will never miss a birthday OR that your daughter will most certainly know her relatives by face and sound. And, if you sign up now, you will receive the Basic Amiglia membership FREE for one year.
If you have an interest in family trees, connecting with your relatives, or are just a people-pleaser like me, than I suggest you grab a membership. My only concern is that now we’ll have no excuse for why we forgot Aunt Helen’s birthday. ~ Kristen


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