We’re just getting to the point that my daughter might actually have enough hair for a clip. However, I have been forced to put the kibosh on my victory dance due to the poor offerings of sassy hair clips that work on a head with barely any hair. Seriously, if you are not into satin bows or glittery claw clips, you are way out of luck.
But, have no fear, folks, because I happened upon these cute clips over at
Mahar Dry Goods. Made by investment analyst turned craftaholic mom Teri of Giddy Giddy, these handmade felt creations are almost too good to be true. Take your pick of flowers, animals, and food – cute yummy food, that is.
Don’t even ask me to choose my favorites, because I love every single one. And even better, they are sewn onto a snap clip so my little one can enjoy them just as much as anyone else with lots of hair. Now back to my victory dance. ~ Kristen


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