We here at Cool Mom Picks are all about being kind to the environment. But trying to live that way can be a challenge, particularly in you live in a not-so-green state like I do.
I’m so glad I found Emerald Market, a new shopping blog from Karen Walrond (of Blogging Baby and Chookooloonks fame). Her featured items are not only hip and chic, they’re all earth friendly too.
I love the $15 Organic Tee(pesticide-free, in case you’re wondering) and I can’t help but check out the Elephant Dung stationery. Yes, you read that correctly.
So if you’re looking for great stuff that’s eco-chic, we say check out Emerald Market. Who knew being green could be so stylish and easy? –Kristen
Ed 12.07: Emerald Market, sadly, is no longer. For alternatives check out the organic category in our archives.


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