WhileI was more thantickled to getthe oodles of"welcome-baby" gifts, I have to say that I wouldn’t have minded a little something for myself. Sure, a medal of honor would have been nice, butI would have taken one of You’re Sucha Baby’s New Mom Kitsin a heartbeat.
These 50’s-esque styledSleep Kits feature comfy mom,dad, or mama/babywear and great aromather

apy gifts to help soothe your aching muscles and tired head. If you’ve given up on the prospect of sleep, you can always pick up one of their Fresh Kits, featuring a 70’s retro look and unisex bath washes and lotions that will help renew your spirit and revive you enough to get you to the next nap time.
As with everything from You’re Such a Baby, the packaging is almost as good as the stuff inside. We only wish they could figure out a way to stuff a baby nurse or massage therapist in the bag. –Kristen

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