We come across quite a few personalized products at CMP. Apparently if you put someone’s kid’s name on something no matter how useless or inane (monogrammed bottle sterilizer, anyone?) it’s a surefire hit.
By far the coolest customization we’ve found so far are the personalized wooden blocks at Storyblox. On two of the sides, your child’s name is spelled out in both upper and lowercase letters. As for the other four sides, just send Storyblox whatever copyright-free phrases you’d like printed (i.e. your own poem to your child, not Emily Dickinson’s) and they’ll divide it up over the series of blocks.
If you don’t feel confident enough to compose your own paean to motherhood, consider a heartfelt letter to your progeny, the names that make up your family tree, or even just a series of birth stats. So cool. Storyblox is so eager to please their customers, they’ll even work wth you on the colors. So click over and get the ball rolling. Or the block, as it were. –Liz