So you’ve seen the thousands of slings out there and basically, they’re pretty much the same. Great in function but style? Not so much. Well, get ready to get lucky. Lucky-baby, that is.
Stay-at-home-mom Candice has created a fabulous sling that is both fashionable and functional. Along with great fabrics and the reversability factor, these slings feature a one-of-a-kind secure inseam pocket so that you can keep track of your cash and keys without having to rummage through your diaper bag.
And, if that’s not enough for you, Candice donates a portion of the proceeds from her business to various worthy causes, and she offers her material scraps to a women’s organization that makes quilts for charity.
So, while your baby is quite and comfy, you can enjoy looking chic and hip, all the while knowing that your purchase supported a great cause. If that’s not lucky, well then I don’t know what is. -Kristen
[thanks, Brittany]
Entercoupon code "COOLMOM" in the coupon box on the checkout page for $5.00 off any purchase.

Tags: babywearing

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