Considering my own baby’s daddy wouldn’t have read a baby book if I had duct taped it to his hands, the idea to reinvent the genre as man-friendly computer software is a brilliant move. The GoodFather CD-ROM from Dr. Moz is an exceedingly clever primer to help guys get comfortable with all that birthin’ babies stuff from the get-go. And surprise–they’ll actually enjoy it.
Taking its cues from the Coppolla classic, the GoodFather uses wiseguy humor (audio tips fly at the screen in the form of hurled daggers) to help take new and expecting dads through the basics of babyrearing.
Boot it up and you’ll find hundreds of searchable interactive lessons on newborn care, thousands of definitions, printable lists of resources, a baby name book with 15,000 suggestions, and more. This thing is comprehensive to say the least, and the dad-created content has all been edited by licensed nurse-midwives.
Besides, it’s smart funny. Not stupid funny. Which is always a plus.
The GoodFather CD-ROM is available through a number of online retailers so order yours, pronto. (Mac users, that goes for you too.) This is definitely one new daddy gift he can’t refuse. –Liz


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