Crayolas Schmayolas. The coolest crayons are rough-hewn, organic and free from political bs (like calling a peachy-tan color, "flesh").Inntrax Twig Crayons are certified non-toxic, and handmade in Poland from from discarded twigs. They’ve got a cool backstory about being made from cleared underbrush and salvaged from certain demise in planned brushfires, but no matter. They’re just plain cool looking.Plus the set of eight colorful crayons comes in a funky birch basket. Sure it has no built-in sharpener, but does that thing ever really work anyway? They’re only 20 bucks at eco-friendly online mecca, Our Greenhouse.(PS If you’ve got a lot of money to blow on your best friend’s kid’s upcoming birthday, there’s a super-looking set of 60 available for $150 at Vivre. Who needs to eat anyway?) –Liz[via daddytypes]


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