Of all the things I was happy to pack away, nursing bras were at the top of the pile. And while I loved my nursing tanks almost more than life itself, there were times when I was pretty sure the girls were hanging a little lower than is probably recommended by the Surgeon General.
Too bad I didn’t have the Corsierre,a mom-designed nursing top that provides support, style and comfort.Just lift thesubtle and effective bra-on-the-outside and you can discreetly and easilynurse your little one.Combined with aflattering neckline and strategically placed darting-with-a-purpose (and the fact thatbased on the sizing, I’m a small) the Corsierre is worth every penny.
If you’re looking for something that holds them up while sucking it in, the Corsierre is incontestably a perfect fit. -Kristen