Organic is all the rage these days. Even the big bad box stores are getting into it. The two Williams sisters behind Spunky Sprout, however, jumped on that commendable bandwagon years ago with their environmentally friendly online baby tee boutique.
The Spunky Sprout tees and onesies fuse hippie-chic tie-dye techniques with quirky multiculti caricatures based on–you guessed it–sprouts. There’s one for barley, one for rice, one for adzuki (adzuki?) and one for perrenial sprout favorite, alfalfa.
The truth is, no one is going to understand that cute little illustration on your baby’s chest is "Galfalfa" or "Barleyna." What they will think is that you landed some cool japanimation meets Woodstock duds for your kid, and that’s enough. –Liz
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