There’s something about the sweet, icy, fresh from the freezer goodness of a popsicle that signifies summer. Well that, and mosquitos. But I much prefer to think about popsicles (as my bathing suit size would indicate).
These orange popsicle party invitations are completely guilt free: No calories, no muss, no fuss. And yet, they still have the second best part of the popsicle: real wooden sticks.
These are no dollar-store invites, this here is exquisitely produced stationery from the very swanky Checkerboard Designs. (Plus they give to lots of charities, which we always like.) The invites can be custom-printed to announce your summer picnic, backyard bbq, or kid’s birthday, so your guests will know what a tremendous event they have to look forward to.
So what are you waiting for? We helped with the invites. Don’t you have a summer event to plan? –Nancy

Tags: ice cream

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