Switching to a digital camera was supposed to mean no more shoeboxes of curling, dusty photos in the closet. Of course now my snapshots are cluttering up folders on my hard drive, never to see an album or picture frame let alone actual photo paper. How do I organize this mess?

Enter Tabblo. It’s a service that lets you compile your photos into virtual albums, complete with colorful backgrounds, photo editing tools, even headlines and captions. They can then be e-mailed to friends and family, pasted into a web site or blog, or printed into archival quality posters that are much cooler than the jumble of photos held to your fridge by a Pizza Hut magnet.
Oh and one other thing–it’s free. They only charge for the printing.

I created this Tabblo around my daughter’s fascination with hats, and you can bet I’ll be going back to design ones for her first birthday pictures, our wedding photos, and other moments currently suspended in digital limbo. –Christina

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