Before we even popped in their CDs, The Sippy Cups won our award for best kids’ band name. After giving them a listen, it only got better.

Kids Rock for Peas is a live album of covers of mostly late 60’s and early 70’s psychedelia, including Pink Floyd’s Bike, The Rolling Stones’ She’s A Rainbow, and The Beatles’ Dear Prudence. The band has adapted these trippy classics wonderfully for young children, without turning off their classic rock loving parents–even those old enough to remember when it was just called rock.
The 14 tracks on Peas are interspersed with comedy bits and witty banter with children who are pulled up on stage, and several of the tracks call for dancing or singing along, making for a highly interactive listening experience. The Sippy Cups perform live in and around San Francisco, and recently played an impressive Knitting Factory Hollywood gig. Catch them live if you can. Or grab a copy of of the CD and get groovy with your kids.
Just don’t start reminiscing aloud about what you were doing when you first discovered Pink Floyd. You get the point. –Amy

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