Whoever decided diamond rings were the ultimate symbol of love never to be removed from one’s fourth finger, certainly didn’t take care of a toddler. The end of each day has me picking Play-Doh and dried Elmer’s glue out of my ring with a pin.
Since going entirely ringless is more practical but makes me feel naked, I think the Kimono Rings from the Carrot Box are the perfect compromise. Each acrylic ring encases a genuine piece of coloful, hand-dyed Japanese kimono fabric (i.e. it’s impervious to kiddie craft supplies). Plus they’re stylish enough that just one makes a statement. Hooray for mom-friendly accessorizing! At only $16 a pop, grab a couple. Particularly if you’re like me and your fingers carry a little extra something in the summer months. Hey, even sausage fingers deserve a little love. -Kristen


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