For several years now, Skip*Hop has made the practical, durable, men-love-’em-too diaper bags that adorn the strollers of the smartest parents around town.
Recently the company went big with their ingenious double stroller bag. But now they’re changing direction and going small: Introducing the brand new, you-heard-it-here-first Skip*Hop Saddlebag.
It’s sort of a mini diaper bag for storage hungry moms like me, with my endless supply of crap I can’t leave the house without. It fastens to the side of your stroller any number of ways, thanks to five extending velcro straps, and it’s got all kinds of zippers and pouches and flaps–three words that make me salivate. Plus there’s a handy mesh pocket for that essential sippy cup or water bottle.
I love this mom and pop-run company, I love this bag. So order yours this week when the Saddlebag finally becomes available and you might even beat the trendy stroller moms to the punch. –Liz

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