After my secondweekend-long absence from the girl, I came home to find her speaking several new words. She can now say helicopter, big candy, and, inexplicably to me at first, juno baby. As it turns out, Juno Baby isa children’s entertainment companycreated by husband and wife team Adam Adelman and Belinda Takahashi that produces DVDs that are clearly now big hits at my house. My husband took the liberty of introducing our two-year old to "Indie’s Great Teddy Bear Hunt" (a great find for ages 0-5) and after watching it with her today, I can see why she can’t get enough of it. The likeable characters, simple songs, and interactive dialogue had her clapping along. And didn’t make me leave the room while she did. That’s saying something.
If you’ve got a little one, this is right up your alley. And you youwon’tfeel like you paid for someone to just stick a video camera in front of your kids toys and call it entertainment – like some other DVDs we all know too well.-Kristen
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