I have a feeling my daughter is going to be one ofthose kids. You know, the ones who ask incessant questions like "Why do we have five fingers? or "What areankle bones for?" or "Why does Daddy have one eyebrow?"And the good mom that I am, I will look it up on Google. Or more likely, just fake it.
Instead, I shouldpick up a few of Genichiro Yagyu’s books. They’re the perfect answer for the curious kid–and parent with a sense of humor. If your kid is obsessed with life’s little unexplainables, like nostrils or foot soles, the combination of art andfrank yet silly explanations will certainly take the heat off you.
And when your kids are done with them, we think they’d make a great coffee table book. Who needs Monet when you can start a conversation around a collection of scabs? – Kristen