When I was pregnant, I spent roughly 400 thousand hours, give or take, looking for the right birth announcements. Nothing seemed to be…me. Not the pink bows, not the pink gingham, not the pink polka dots. And certainly notall thoseducks.

Why, Rattle-N-Roll, why did no one tell me about your fab gig poster birth announcements? Why did I not know about your five designs and how you incorporate amazing illustrations of the newborn little rocker? Why? Why? Whyyyyyy?

That settles it. I’m having another.

Then again, as Rattle-N-Roll husband and wife team Ryan and Andrea remind me, their handbills also make excellent kids party invites. Now all I need is a booking with Dan Zanes and I think I’ve got my theme. –Liz

Mention Cool Mom Picks and get 10% off your order at Rattle-N-Roll through September. Rock on!


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