My daughter is definitely an early bloomer when it comes to artwork. She’s already drawing faces that are a step above a massive scribble fest (if I do say so myself). But there’s only so much you can do with 25 notebooks full of toddler art.
Now I can actually put my daughter’s masterpieces to good use with Your Little Picasso, the new stationery collection from CMP favorite AnnaBellaBaby. Just send them a scanned image of your child’s original artwork and they will turn it into stationery, greeting cards, magnets, or even party invitations. And just as you start shouting "where have you been all my life?" like I did, it gets better: you can even get matching stamps. Yes real ones that actually go on the mail.
We’re thinking there be no more perfect Christmas gift for grandmom, and each order comes complete with bragging rights. No extra charge. -Kristen


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