We have arrived at the highly unanticipated “I can do it myself” stage in our household. Unfortunately, that includes things that my daughter really can’t do herself, like chopping vegetables with a big pointy knife. So in order to maintain some semblance of my sanity, I’m in the market for anything that fosters independence–and won’t cut off her fingers.

That’s why I’m loving Myself Belts, the do-it-yourself pants holder-upper invented by two moms who obviously felt my pain. With a simple snap and a press of the velcro, your child will have fastened his or her own stylish belt without once screaming, moooo-ooooom. There’s a design for every outfit, including even a fancy black leather.

Not only will you have a well-accessorized child, you might actually have more time to do some things for yourself in the morning. Remember what that was like? -Kristen


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