I have found a fantastic new kids CD. In fact if you play it with your eyes closed and a latte in hand, it’s almost like listening to a cool new indie band in your favorite coffee shop–if only coffee shops had Hot Wheels scattered around the floor. And the faint odor of soggy Cheerios.
Silly Reflection, an album by South Carolina-based Lunch Money, will be a huge hit in your house if you’re a fan of female vocals and a laid-back, acoustic vibe. This trio, fronted by singer-songwriter Molly Ledford, keeps their sound simple, letting smart songwriting and sophisticated melodies lead the way.
It’s hard to resist lyrics like this one about a tricycle: I can go as fast as those things at the bank in the drive-thru that they put the money in. It’s like they’re channeling the preadolescent mindset, without ever sounding patronizing or adolescent themselves.
All ten tracks are Ledford originals, and there’s not a bad one in the batch. You can listen to three full tracks or order your own copy on Lunch Money’s website, which is pretty cool in its own right. You’ll also find Silly Reflection at Amazon and on iTunes. –Amy