When it comes to baby gifts, I’m a huge fan of matching sets. Unfortunately they generally fall into one of two camps: the Little Brown Bear category, and the Trying Hard to be Funny (But Failing) category. And there is that rare category I call, Gotta Have It. And that includes the funky sets from Dilly Hearts, a handmade business run by mom Vickie Erlandsen. She combines simple appliqué and unique fabrics to create cool combos with themes like Surf’s Up, Sushi, and Rocket Rascals. I’m particularly fond of her cuddle sets that include a bib, onesie, and matching cuddly soft lovey that you’ll wish was big enough for your own bed. And you have to love that a portion of her profits goes to The Heart Center at Seattle Children’s Hospital.
My favorite part is that the sets are suitable for girls and boys. Which means any mom-to-be who "wants to be surprised" will gladly welcome them amongst the sea of green and yellow at her shower. –Kristen

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