Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was one site that sold all the cool music that CMP recommends? And wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you didn’t have to dig through a bunch of other music–the kind we don’t recommend–on that site to find the good stuff that has been carefully tucked away? Well, the online store of my dreams (and hopefully yours) has arrived. The Pokey Pup, founded by new dad and music industry guru Bryan Townsend, boasts an incredible selection of "hip stuff for cool kids" which is so hip, it even includes releases from lesser-known CMP reviewees like Elizabeth Mitchell and Lunch Money.
Fear not, "hip" doesn’t mean "too hip for you." Along with pop/rock selections, you’ll find folk, country, lullabies, world music, and even a For the Whole Family category including artists like Bob Marley, NRBQ, Talking Heads, and the Monkees. There’s even a category just for parents, so you can grab yourself some Flaming Lips or Bruce Springsteen while you’re shopping for the kids.
Townsend has taken great care to weed out the fluff and offer families the very best in kids’ media – The Pokey Pup offers DVDs and books too. Check it out today. Because if you’re like me, you’re hoping to wait until your kids are teenagers before yelling at them to turn down that horrible music. –Amy
[photo: vince@flickr]

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