I know my daughter would love a dollhouse, however, I just can’t give in to buying a huge pink plastic house with frilly shutters and a white picket fence. Just thinking about it gives me a weird sugar high. Plus, I’d love my next child (perhaps a son?) to be able to enjoy playing with a cool house without having to endure all the oozing girliness.
This amazing holiday home from Cool Mom Picks favorite Sparkability is utter dollhouse perfection. This 17" tall, all-wooden mod home features three spiraling staircases, oval flooring, and a variety of way cool 21st century furnishings. Plus, thevarious assembly options make it about four homes in one.
At $79.95, it’s a better value than other dollhouses that won’t get nearly as much use, or unabashed display time in the family’s living room. The only drawback is it’s making me wish I actually lived in there–wait until you get a load of the rooftop patio. -Kristen
[via mod*mom]


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