As I am just beginning to realize, there is no end to the fears we have as parents. Just as our kids outgrow the SIDS risk, we’re worried about mercury in water. When they’re done with the finger in the electric socket phase, we’re reading up on what’s in those plastic Halloween masks.

The non-profit Children’s Health Environmental Coalition has recently launched a really valuable blog, giving parents (the nervous kind or otherwise) a valuable resource and discussion forum around the environmental concerns that we can actually prevent. You’ll find topics from natural cleaners and organic food, to environmental legislation. And the bloggers themselves are an impressive bunch, including Erin Brokovich-Ellis, Amy Brenneman, and Dr. Harvey Karp (to whom I owe my remaining sanity). You can even submit your own tips and tricks or offer a guest blog post yourself.

Right now you’ll find the CHEC’s 90 tips in 90 days effort, featuring useful advice like ensuring your tap water is safe, or shopping for pvc-free toys for the kiddos.

The CHEC blog is well worth a bookmark, not because it will make you more nervous, but because it makes you realize that a lot of this scary stuff really is under your control. Now breeeeeeeeathe. –Liz

NOTE: The CHEC is now called Healthy Child, Healthy World and can be found at

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