For the first time ever, defying all expectations to the contrary, my better half has actually shown interest in one of the kids duds sites we’ve uncovered.

Why, you ask?

Because the site is Little Ruler, which appeals just to parents just like him–those who now rock the Bjorns the way they used to rock the 7.5″ deck on a halfpipe. Parents Jeff and Maureen Kendall’s fantastic website sells authentic licensed skateboarding clothing and accessories in toddler and kids sizes that you cannot find anywhere else. If you’re hip enough to know that Independent Truck Company doesn’t manufacture semis, you’re going to love the selection here, from Toy Machine onesies to Hurley thermals, skater-approved band tees from Green Day and Black Flag, and my favorite, the baby Vans. They even come in pink for your girlie girl.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to stop someone in my household from maxing out our credit card on Santa Cruz hoodies. –Liz

Tags: baby clothes

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