If you haven’t heard of Dan Zanes, you haven’t been through labor and delivery. Or at least not in good long time. While many families Zanes for his folksy, sing-along musical style, his "House Party" videos on the Disney Channel, and above all, his wild hair, Zanes also frequently lends his name and his talent to some important causes. To support the phenomenal Bright Spaces program, which provides play spaces for children in crisis, Zanes recently put together Bright Spaces 2, which he calls a "musical scrapbook" of songs and artists that have been meaningful to him since becoming a parent himself ten years ago.
The album ha a homespun acoustic sound, and comprises a fabulously diverse mix of styles from folk to spiritual to pop standards, with artists ranging from Jerry Garcia to Woody Guthrie and Session Americana. Of course Zanes contributes his own songs to the album too, including a previously unreleased bluegrass version of "Jump Up" with Brooklyn-based up-and-comers, Astrograss.
It’s very cool reading the liner notes in which Zanes explains his personal connection with each song. But in addition to those, Bright Spaces 2 comes with a special bonus – the satisfaction you will have knowing that you’re supporting some kids who really need it. –Amy

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