While we at CMP try to keep our picks in the "don’t have to hock my TV on ebay to afford it" range, all bets are off for the next few weeks. Why? Because someone else–hopefully–is doing the buying for you.
One of our new favorite give-the-Visa-card-a-workout sites is Style Scene, which features all kinds of wearable goodies from hot indie designers. Think: The stuff you’ll see in In Style once Drew Barrymore and Scarlet Johansen get ahold of them. Not that we’d ever care what a celeb is wearing.
Their bags in particular are making me salivate even more than Christmas cookies with sprinkles. The Bailey Messenger Bag from designers Rapp and Posavek make me want to toss all my diaper bags, stat. And Dutchy’s Jet Basket Bag is a welcome break from the ubiquitous big-name purses that everyone and her mother–literally–seems to carry these days. But as cool as the selection is, I love that they’re still (ahem) age-appropriate. Nothing worse than a 30-something mom trying to accessorize like a club kid with a fake id. Bookmark this site and add it to your wish list. Then start devising all the reasons you were extra good this year. –Liz
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