One of the few trends I’m happy is sticking around is the poncho. It’s just easier to wrangle my squirmy little girl into her mild-weather outerwear when there are no sleeves to deal with. And frankly, she looks cute it it. (Not that she wouldn’t look cute wearing a garbage bag.)
The ponchos from mom-owned Skipping Hippos are among the most covetable ones we’ve found. Made of soft, fleecy cotton with a fun constrasting trim, it’s that rare children’s item that hasn’t sacrificed the comfort you want for style.They come in sizes from 6m to 4T, and with more than a dozen eye-catching color combos, there’s one to suit every complexion. And now, there’s perhaps the most beautiful style of all–the Sabine. Named for Sabine Kim, the daughter of James and Kati Kim, 10% of the sale of this particular poncho will go directly towards the Kim Family Fund.
That makes me feel warm without even having put it on. –Liz


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