While I’m a fairly crafty person, there are a few things I would never attempt. Like items I might actually wear out of the house. Then again, considering how picky I can be about my accessories, I admit that the thought has crossed my mind.
Thanks toAnnie Wolfe, I can save my do-it-yourself desires for other, less essential things. Her custom bags come in ten fabulous styles, and you can customize them right down to the size, fabric and handles. I especially love that you can add more pockets if you choose. The Gracie seems to be the top choice of moms looking for a non-diaper bag diaper bag, but I like the Lola (shown here) for the plain fact that nothing with a Pampers logo will ever go near it. If you’ve got a gaggle of hard-to-please shopper friends, gather them for a purse party and an Annie Wolfe design consultant will help everyone create her perfect bag. And all you have to do is provide the food. And the adult beverages. Now that’s something I can do myself. -Kristen
[via design mom]


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