Those of us who have ever dated a musician (ahem) can agree that deep down, they are all children. Which is why it’s perfectly logical that the faces of a hip act like, say, The New Amsterdams, also are the minds and mouths behind a fantastic new kids’ band.
Welcome to The Terrible Twos.
Fronted by singer/ songwriter/ daddy of three Matthew Pryor, the band’s new release, Have You Ever Seen an Owl… is so hot that it sold out of CD Baby right away. Why are parents-in-the-know clamoring to get their hands on it? The 15 original songs on the album have a garage-band feel whose silly lyrics appeals to kids, as opposed to a silly kid feel that adults learn to tolerate. Or as Pryor puts it, "cheesy crap."
The result from Pryor and bandmates Bill Belzer, Dustin Kinney, and Eric McCann is an enjoyable acoustic journey through math equations, dinosaurs, and pizza with chocolate milk.
You can hear samples and order off CD Baby now, well before it hits stores in March.Did you ever think you’d utter the words, "I just can’t wait for the Terrible Twos?" –Liz

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